a mi olin mute mute a e olin mi aaaaa,,,

olin mi li pona mute a li sewi a li suwi mute mute a! mi olin mute mute e ona aaaa,,,

sona mi la jan ni li ken ala lon: ona li lon sewi pi waso Suwi
tan ona la ale li suwi li sewi mute a,, mi lon poka ona la tenpo ni li suli a,
mi sona ala e ni: ona li olin e mi tan seme a??? ona li sona ala e ike mi anu seme??
taso lon la mi sona e ni: ona la, ike mi li lon ala. pona mi taso li lon.
ona li olin e pona mi. mi sona e pona mi tan ona

kin la ona li pali e ijo pona mute a,, ijo ale ona li pona li wawa a. ona li wawa a,,
o lukin!! e lipu ona!!! e kalama musi ona!! e lipu ni!! ale ni li pona a!!! ale o lukin!!
mi la ale o lukin e ijo pona pi olin mi tan ni:
ona li pali pona li pali mute lon ijo ni! pali ona li wawa a! ona li wawa a!! mi olin e ona a!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺

o lukin e suwi ona! mi lon poka ona la ni li ale tawa mi a,,

tess leaning faer head on zoe, they're both smilin tess kissing zoe on the cheek tess and zoe sitting next to each other and smiling tess and zoe standing in front of a snake and doing peace signs zoe laying with faer head on tess' lap zoe hugging tess really tight

ni la,

mi olin mute e ona