lesson 7 - prepositions


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󱤲 mani - money, cash, savings, wealth; large domesticated animal

~ prepositions

󱤬 lon - located at, present at, real, true, existing

󱥩 tawa - going to, toward; for; from the perspective of; moving

󱥧 tan - by, from, because of; origin, cause

󱥖 sama - same, similar; each other; sibling, peer, fellow; as, like

󱤙 kepeken - to use, by means of


~ prepositions

lon, tawa, tan, sama, and kepeken are prepositions.

prepositions are used to express specific details about the predicate, like how or where. just like preverbs, prepositions can be negated by the word ala. the preposition is appended to the end of the sentence, followed by a phrase.

subject li (predicate e object) preposition phrase

mi pali lon tomo moku

~ i work at a restaurant

the preposition can also be the predicate:

ona li lon tomo mi

~ they are at my house

prepositions can also be used as regular words:

tawa sina li musi

~ your movements are amusing

~ examples

mani mute li lon tomo mani

~ there's lots of money at the bank

jan li tawa tomo sina

~ a person goes to your house

mi pali e ijo mute kepeken ilo

~ i make lots of things with tools

mi toki e pona sina tan ni · mi olin e sina

~ i say good things about you because i love you

mi lon e tomo sina

~ i make your house exist


~ translate from toki pona to english

mi lukin pana e kasi tawa sina

i'm trying to give you a flower

ijo li awen sona e pona sina tan ni · sina awen pana e sona ni tawa ona

people remember how good you are because you keep reminding them

mi wile sona e tan

i wanna know the reasons

ijo mute li wile e ilo tawa tan ni · tomo pali ona li weka mute

a lot of people need a car because their place of work is far away

lipu wile li lon tomo sina

the document of wishes is at your place

the necessary papers are in your room

~ translate from english to toki pona

i saw someone who looked just like you

mi lukin e ijo · ona li sama sina tawa lukin

they wanna give you money

ona li wile pana e mani tawa sina

this house needs colourful flowers

tomo ni li wile e kasi pi kule mute

people work for bad reasons

ijo li pali tan ike

birds can learn a lot of things with books

waso li ken kama sona e ijo mute kepeken lipu


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