lesson 20 you're done!


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no more vocab, you're done!

ni li pini pi lipu sona la nimi sin li lon ala


~ tips

it's important to make an effort to understand toki pona's philosophy.

this will make it easier to understand why it works the way it does, which will make it a lot easier to express yourself and have fun with the language!

practice, talk to people, have fun!

i highly recommend checking out nasin toki pona by kili pan Juli! it’s a really good grammar reference, which can be useful whenever there’s something you’d like a quick refresher on, or something you’d like more in-depth knowledge of. it does a really good job of explaining all of toki pona’s grammar!

sina kama sona e toki pona e nimi ale pi toki pona · ni li open pi tenpo sin · o suli e sona sina · o musi · o pona

you've learned toki pona and all of its words. this is the beginning of a new time. widen your knowledge, have fun, and be good!


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