lesson 19 and


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󱥇 open - begin, start; open; turn on

󱥊 palisa - long hard thing; branch, rod, stick

󱥯 unpa - have sexual relations with

󱥃 noka - foot, leg, organ of locomotion

󱤚 kili - fruit, vegetable, mushroom

~ particles

󱤊 en - (between additional subjects)


~ how to say and

to say and, you repeat the particle. for additional subjects you use the particle en.

this means you repeat en for subjects, li for predicates, e for direct objects, and repeat the preposition for multiple prepositional phrases.

subject en subject li predicate li predicate e object e object preposition phrase preposition phrase

~ examples

jan en soweli li tawa li pali kepeken noka kepeken ilo

~ the person and the dog are walking and working using legs and tools

mi en sina o tawa wawa o pali wawa a

me and you have to move quickly and work hard!


~ translate from toki pona to english

mi en sina li ken ale

me and you can do anything

ona li tawa suli kepeken noka

they are going far with their legs

ona li wawa mute li suli mute

they are very strong and tall

waso o · o pana e palisa ni tawa mi

hey bird, give me that stick

a kon li lete mute

oh the wind is cold

~ translate from english to toki pona

this community does not need a leader

kulupu ni li wile e lawa ala

what are you and lisa up to?

sina en waso Lisa li seme

what's the meaning of this word?

kon pi nimi ni li seme

hold on. is this almost the end of the course?

o awen · pini pi lipu sona ni li kama anu seme


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