lesson 18 one, two, many


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󱤽 nanpa - (ordinal number particle); numbers

󱤯 lupa - door, hole, orifice, window

󱤩 linja - long and flexible thing; cord, hair, rope, thread, yarn

󱤁 akesi - reptile, amphibian


~ main counting system

toki pona has five words to describe amounts: ala, wan, tu, mute, ale,
meaning nothing, one, two, many, everything.

other number systems exist, but this one will usually be all you need.

often specific numbers end up obscuring what a quantity really means, because large numbers are a lot harder to conceptualize than a description of what this quantity really means.

~ ordinal numbers

you can use the particle nanpa before a number to express an ordinal number.

soweli nanpa tu

~ the second animal


~ translate from toki pona to english

sina wile tawa tomo telo la o tawa lupa nanpa tu

if you wanna go to the bathroom, go to the second door

waso tu li tawa tomo moku

two bats are going to a restaurant

mi kama sona e nimi mute pi toki pona

i'm learning a lot of toki pona words

mi pini e pali mi la mi ken musi

when i'm done with my work, i can have fun

~ translate from english to toki pona

snakes are cute!

akesi li suwi a

aw man, my calculator broke

ike a · ilo nanpa mi li pakala

a · ilo mi li pakala

there are two shady people by your home

jan ike tu li lon poka pi tomo sina

this is your first woof

ni li mu sina nanpa wan

psst, hey, you. yeah, you!

you feel unsatisfied with this number system? i can tell you about more number systems. just come with me


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