lesson 17 taso


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󱥨 taso - but, however, only

󱥳 wan - unique, united

󱥮 tu - separate, cut

󱥕 pu - interacting with the official toki pona book

󱥘 selo - outer form, outer layer; bark, peel, shell, skin; boundary

󱥋 pan - cereal, grain; barley, corn, oat, rice, wheat; bread, pasta


~ taso

taso can be used at the start of a sentence to mean however,

mi la mi pali pona · taso jan ante la mi pali ike.

~ i think i work well. however, other people think i work poorly

you can also use taso as a regular word.

mi wile e mani taso

~ i want only money

ona li taso

~ they are alone


~ translate from toki pona to english

tenpo pini la ma li wan · taso ike la ona li kama tu

in the past, the country was united. however, unfortunately it became divided

suno li kama weka · tenpo ni taso la mi wile esun e pan sina

i only want to buy your bread in the evening

nasin sina li pakala e ale a

your methods are ruining everything!

mi ken ala toki tawa ijo ike · taso sina pona la mi ken toki

i can't talk to bad people. but you're good, so we can talk

mi wile tu e pan ni la mi o seme

what should i do to split this bread?

~ translate from english to toki pona

i only want to read the official toki pona book

mi wile pu taso

if you wanna meow at the moon during bad times, i'll meow right beside you

sina wile mu tawa mun lon tenpo ike la mi mu lon poka sina

my parents are very nice, but i didn't like when they got me uncool clothes

mama mi li pona · taso ona li pana e len pi pona ala tawa mi la ni li ike

i feel like you underestimate your strength

pilin mi la sina lili e wawa sina


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