lesson 15 - la


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󱥤 suno - sun; light, brightness, glow, radiance, shine; light source

󱥎 pilin - heart; feeling

󱥰 uta - mouth, lips, oral cavity, jaw

󱤜 ko - clay, clinging form, dough, semi solid, paste, powder

󱥀 nena - bump, button, hill, mountain, nose, protruberance

󱤝 kon - air, breath; essence, spirit; hidden reality, unseen agent


󱤡 la - (between the context phrase and the main sentence)


~ la

the particle la is used to establish context. whatever comes before la is established as context for whatever comes after.

A la B

~ if A, then B

~ in the context of A, B

things which can go after prepositions can often go before la instead and express a similar, albeit much vaguer, meaning.

mi tawa sina lon tenpo kama

tenpo kama la mi tawa sina

~ i go to you in the future

mi ken ala tawa e tomo tan wawa mi

(tan) wawa mi la mi ken ala tawa e tomo

~ i can't move a house because of my strength

~ examples

sina lape la mi kin li lape

~ if you sleep, i'll sleep too

mi la ale li pona

~ everything is good with me

~ in my opinion, everything's good

tenpo lon la jan mute li kama

~ right now, lots of people are coming

pilin sina la mi suwi ala suwi

~ do you think i'm cute?

~ according to your feelings, am i cute?

waso anu pipi la seme li pona mute

~ are bugs or birds better?

~ in the context of bugs or birds, which one is really good?


~ translate from toki pona to english

mi kama pipi la sina awen ala awen olin e mi

would you still love me if i became a bug?

pilin sina la kon ni li seme

what do you think the meaning of this is?

what do you think this smell is?

suno li lon sewi la mi sona e ni · pona li kama

when the sun is in the sky, i know that good is coming

mi tawa nena la pilin mi li pona

when i go to the mountains, i feel good

~ translate from english to toki pona

every day you kiss me is a good day

sina uta e mi la tenpo suno ni li pona

when i'm happy, i howl at the moon

pilin mi li pona la mi mu tawa mun

i can't see you because you're small

sina lili la mi ken ala lukin e sina

mi ken ala lukin e sina tan lili sina


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