lesson 13 - o!


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󱤐 jaki - disgusting, obscene, sickly, toxic, unclean, unsanitary

󱥛 sijelo - body (of person or animal), physical state, torso

󱤠 kute - ear; to hear, listen; pay attention to, obey

󱤕 kalama - to produce a sound; recite, utter aloud

󱤃 alasa - to hunt, forage, seek

~ particles

󱥄 o - (vocative, imperative, or optative)


o has three different functions - commands, wishes/desires, and addressing people.

~ commands

o can be used before a predicate, with no subject, to express a command.

o moku pona

~ eat well!

~ have a nice meal!

~ wishes and desires

o can replace li to express a wish or desire.

jan o pona

~ people should be good

when used with mi or sina, you still have to include o, even though you would omit li.

mi o lape

~ i should sleep

~ addressing others

you can put o after a subject to address them.

soweli Sijala o · sina sona ala sona toki pona?

~ tiara, do you know how to speak toki pona?

waso o

~ hey bird!


~ translate from toki pona to english

sijelo sina o kama pona

get well

your body should become good

pona o tawa sina

may good come to you

mi alasa e wawa tan utala kama

i'm seeking power because of the coming fight

o jaki ala

don't be gross!

~ translate from english to toki pona

don't make a sound!

o kalama ala

obey me

o kute e mi

forget that!

o weka e sona ni!


remove this knowledge!


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