lesson 12 - anu


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󱤋 esun - market, shop, fair, bazaar, business transaction

󱤛 kiwen - hard object, metal, rock, stone

󱥱 utala - battle, challenge, compete against, struggle against

󱤿 nasin - way, custom, doctrine, method, path, road

󱥜 sike - round or circular thing; ball, circle, cycle, sphere, wheel; of one year

~ particles

󱤇 anu - (forms an or-conjunction)


~ anu

anu is a conjunction meaning "or"

it adds a new phrase to the current part of speech (subject, predicate, object, preposition), and indicates an and/or relationship between the two (or more) phrases.

~ examples

ona li jan anu soweli

~ they're a person or a dog

waso li ken tawa lon ma anu sewi

~ birds can move on the ground or in the sky

kasi anu suwi li ken moku

~ plants or sweets can be food

~ notes about questions

anu doesn't automatically form questions.

one way to use anu to ask a question might be to list the possible options using anu, and then ask which option the listener agrees with.

waso anu soweli li ken · seme li pona mute tawa sina

~ do you like birds or cats more?

~ birds or cats are possible. which is really good to you?

another way to ask an either-or question with anu is by adding "anu seme" as the final option.

mi anu ona anu seme li ken tawa lon poka sina

~ can me or him walk beside you?


~ translate from toki pona to english

mi wile esun e kiwen

i want to buy rocks

i want to sell rocks

ijo li wile kama jo e ijo kepeken mani anu utala

people need to obtain things using money or violence

sina ken utala e soweli mute anu soweli wawa · sina wile utala e seme

do you want to fight a lot of animals or a strong animal

you can fight many animals or a strong animal. which do you want to fight?

~ translate from english to toki pona

birds draw using rocks or tools

waso li sitelen kepeken kiwen anu ilo

you can put this in the box of money or the box of food

sina ken pana e ni tawa poki mani anu poki moku


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