lesson 1 - me and you


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󱤴 mi - first-person pronoun (i, me, we, us)

󱥞 sina - second-person pronoun (you)

󱥦 suwi - sweet, fragrant; cute, innocent, adorable

󱥝 sin - new, fresh; additional, another, extra

󱥬 toki - communicate, say, speak, talk, use language, think; hello

󱥔 pona - good, positive, useful; friendly, peaceful; simple


~ sentences with mi or sina

the most basic sentence structure in toki pona:

mi/sina predicate

mi/sina is the subject of this sentence - the one who is doing or being.

the predicate is what the subject is doing or being.

~ notes

in toki pona, you don't capitalize the starts of sentences.

toki pona has no built-in tense or number.

~ examples

sina suwi

~ you are cute

mi toki

~ we talked

~ i am talking


~ translate from toki pona to english

mi suwi

i'm cute

sina pona

you're good

toki! mi sin

hello! i'm new

~ translate from english to toki pona

we're talking

mi toki

i'm you

mi sina


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